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The great outdoors is where you can find Mother Nature at her finest. From the blue skies to deep green plant life, you can’t help but be awed at what she has to offer.

But nature has its share of nasty creatures too. Creatures that will bite unprovoked, including sand flies and mosquitoes. While most bites only create a minor discomfort, some can irritate your skin so badly that your trip can be ruined before it’s barely begun. Stop sandflies biting you!

Introducing Kelalan’s Range of Natural Insect Repellents & Skin Care Products

Don’t let insect bites keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Kelalan’s range of outdoor skin care products will protect your skin from nasty insects and provide quick relief to a variety of conditions, including sandfly bites and mosquito bites.

Each product is lovingly and carefully made in the beach community of Seaforth in North Queensland, using only natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and lavender. Kelalan currently offers three exceptional products designed for your sensitive skin: an itch and bite relief cream, sandfly repellent, and a natural moisturiser.

Aside from using natural ingredients, Kelalan also employs extensive experimentation, consultation, research and development to ensure that each product we produce are safe and effective.

Protect Your Skin Today with Kelalan

When you need outdoor skin care protection, you can easily buy a Kelalan product in Australia. Our products are available in Atherton, Yeppoon and everywhere in between. We also deliver direct to your doorstep via our affordable Australian postage option.

Living outside Australia? No problem. We also fulfill international orders. All you need to do is to contact us today to order your product. So you can stay protected using our natural insect repellent and natural mosquito repellent.

To find out more about our range of natural outdoor skin care products, click on the following link to visit our Products page.

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